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A dictionary of literary symbols

ЗаглавиеA dictionary of literary symbols
Вид публикацияBook
Година на публикуване1999
АвториFerber, M
ИздателCambridge University Press
Ключови думиЛитература – речник; Литература – символи – речник; Символи – литература

This is the first dictionary of symbols to be based on literature, rather than ’universal’ psychological archetypes, myths, or esoterica. Michael Ferber has assembled nearly two hundred entries clearly explaining and illustrating the literary symbols that we all encounter (such as swan, rose, moon, gold), along with hundreds of cross-references and quotations. The Dictionary concentrates on English literature, but its entries range widely from the Bible and classical authors to the twentieth century, taking in American and European literatures. Its informed style and rich references will make this book an essential tool not only for literary and classical scholars, but for all students of literature.


Показалец на авторите с. 249–258
Библиогр. с. 259–263

Код за цитиранеFerber1999