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Thomson, Francis J. 2012. The July and August Volume of the Hilandar Menologium. Palaeobulgarica / Старобългаристика 36. (Palaeobulgarica / Старобългаристика). 29–59.
Thomson, Francis J. 1998. The Slavonic Translation of the Old Testament. In , Interpretation of the Bible , 605–919. (Interpretation Of The Bible ). Ljubljana ; Sheffield: Slovenska akademija znanosti in umetnosti ; Sheffield Academic Press.
Thomson, Francis J. 1994. The Myth of a Slavonic Translation of Pseudo-Nonnus’ Scholia Mythologia in Orationes Gregorii Nazianzeni. Palaeobulgarica / Старобългаристика 18. (Palaeobulgarica / Старобългаристика). 91–92.
Thomson, Francis J. 1993. “Made in Russia” a survey of the translations allegedly made in Kievan Russia. In , Millennium Russiae Christianae. Tausend Jahre Christliches Rußland 988–1988. Vorträge des Symposiums anläßlich der Tausendjahrfeier der Christianisierung Rußlands in Münster vom 5. bis 9. Juli 1988 , vol. (= Schriften des Komitees der Bundesrepublik Deutschland zur Förderung der Slawischen Studien, bd. 16), 295–354. (Millennium Russiae Christianae. Tausend Jahre Christliches Rußland 988–1988. Vorträge Des Symposiums Anläßlich Der Tausendjahrfeier Der Christianisierung Rußlands In Münster Vom 5. Bis 9. Juli 1988 ). Köln–Weimar–Wien.
Thomson, Francis J. 1993. The Symeonic Florilegium – Problems of its Origin, Content, Textology, and Edition, Together with and English Translation of the Eulogy of Tzar Symeon. Palaeobulgarica / Старобългаристика 17. (Palaeobulgarica / Старобългаристика). 37–53.
Thomson, Francis J. 1987. Patriarchs Euthymius of Tarnovo and Philotheus of Consatantinople and Liturgical Reforms in Fourteenth Century Bulgaria. Palaeobulgarica / Старобългаристика 11. (Palaeobulgarica / Старобългаристика). 116–119.
Thomson, Francis J. 1987. The Problem of the Reception of the Works of John {IV} Ieiunator of Constantinople among the Slavs: Nicon of the Black Mount and Cirycus of Novgorod. Palaeobulgarica / Старобългаристика 11. (Palaeobulgarica / Старобългаристика). 23–45.
Thomson, Francis J. 1985. Apocrypha Slavica II. The Slavonic and East European Review 63. (The Slavonic And East European Review). 73-98.
Thomson, Francis J. 1985. The Old Bulgarian Translation of the Homilies of Ephraem Syrus. Palaeobulgarica / Старобългаристика 9. (Palaeobulgarica / Старобългаристика). 124–130.
Thomson, Francis J. 1984. The Eulogy of St. John the Divine Attributed to Joh n the Exarch of Bulgaria. Slavica Gandensia 11. (Slavica Gandensia). 129–158.
Thomson, Francis J. 1984. The Origin of Two Homilies Ascribed to Ephraem Syrus Allegedly Preserved in Slavonic. In , ̉Αντίδωρον. Hommage à Maurits Geerard pour célébrer l’achèvement de la Clavis Patrum Graecorum, vol. 1, 13–26. ( ̉αντίδωρον. Hommage À Maurits Geerard Pour Célébrer L’Achèvement De La Clavis Patrum Graecorum). Wetteren.