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Camacho, José A. 2013. Null Subjects. Cambridge studies in linguistics. (Cambridge Studies In Linguistics). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
Introduction -- The null subject parameter: introduction -- The core content of the null subject parameter -- The nature of the extended projection principle and the null subject parameter -- Identification and morphology -- Discourse identification -- Null/overt subject contrasts -- The status of preverbal subjects in null subject languages -- Parametrization, learnability and acquisition.
Giles, Howard & Jessica Gasiorek. 2013. Parameters of non-accommodation : Refining and elaborating communication accommodation theory. In , Social Cognition and Communication : 15th Sydney Symposium of Social Psychology, EASP Small Group Meeting on Social Cognition and Communication, 9 -12th July, 2012, Pecs, Hungary, 155–172. (Social Cognition And Communication : 15Th Sydney Symposium Of Social Psychology, Easp Small Group Meeting On Social Cognition And Communication, 9 -12Th July, 2012, Pecs, Hungary). New York: Psychology Press.
Matsumoto, David, Mark G Frank & Hyi Sung Hwang. 2013. Reading people: Introduction to the world of nonverbal behavior. In , Nonverbal Communication: Science and Application, 3–14. (Nonverbal Communication: Science And Application). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.
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Arsenijević, Boban. 2013. Review: Re{\v c}eni{\v c}ni fokus u engleskom i srpskom jeziku by Sabina Halupka-Re{\v s}etar. Journal of Slavic linguistics. (Journal Of Slavic Linguistics). 303–310.
Fitneva, Stanka A. 2013. Review: Single and double clitics in adult and child grammar by Teodora Radeva-Bork. Journal of Slavic linguistics. (Journal Of Slavic Linguistics). 311–315.
Tsedryk, Egor. 2013. Review: The syntax of Russian by John Frederick Bailyn. Journal of Slavic linguistics. (Journal Of Slavic Linguistics). 341–357.
Dall’Aglio, Francesco. 2013. The Second Bulgarian Kingdom and the Latin Empire of Constantinople: A General Overview. Palaeobulgarica / Старобългаристика 37. (Palaeobulgarica / Старобългаристика). 109–117.
Janda, Laura A & Ol’ga N Ljashevskaja. 2013. Semantic Profiles of Five Russian Prefixes: po-, s-, za-, na-, pro-. Journal of Slavic linguistics. (Journal Of Slavic Linguistics). 211–258.
Biliarsky, I. 2013. The Tale of the Prophet Isaiah: The Destiny and Meanings of an Apocryphal Text. East Central and Eastern Europe in the Middle Ages, 450-1450. Vol. 23. (East Central And Eastern Europe In The Middle Ages, 450-1450). Leiden: BRILL.
Пацева, Мирена. 2013. Акцентни модели на някои съществителни от мъжки и женски род. Годишник на Софийския университет „Св. Кливент Охридски“. Факултет по славянски филологии / Annual of Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski". Faculty of Slavic Studies 98. (Годишник На Софийския Университет „Св. Кливент Охридски“. Факултет По Славянски Филологии / Annual Of Sofia University "st. Kliment Ohridski". Faculty Of Slavic Studies).
Дерменджиева, Надежда. 2013. Без упойка. Нова проза. (Нова Проза). София: Университетско издателство "Св. Климент Охридски".
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Захариева, Йорданка. 2013. В подстъпите към извън-предела. Обществото на знанието и хуманизмът на ХХІ век. In , Сборник с доклади от Х юбилейна научна конференция с международно участие от 1 ноември 2012, УниБИТ, 660–669. (Сборник С Доклади От Х Юбилейна Научна Конференция С Международно Участие От 1 Ноември 2012, Унибит). София: За буквите – О писменьхь.